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Miami Rideshare Accidents

South Florida and its beaches are and have been a major tourist attraction for decades. There are thousands of Uber, Lyft, and taxi cabs serving Dade, Broward, Monroe, and Palm Beach Counties. Unfortunately, there are also a significant number of accidents and collisions involving Uber, Lyft, or taxi cabs causing injuries to passengers who are both visitors and residents alike. If you have been injured in a rideshare accident, contact our Miami rideshare accident lawyers to discuss your case.

Despite being screened through driving history background checks, Uber and Lyft drivers face the same accident risks as everyone else on the road. However, there are certain additional risks that Uber and Lyft drivers may face. Because rideshare drivers sometimes work several jobs, they may be particularly vulnerable to driving fatigue. Drowsy driving has been found to have the same effect on alertness and response time as driving under the influence of alcohol.

In addition, ridesharing is, of course, dependent on smartphone apps. Drivers rely on their cellphones for instructions, tracking their time on the road, and scheduling their next pick-up. This intimate relationship with their ridesharing applications creates an environment conducive to driving distraction.

Who is Responsible for Your Injuries?

Multiple insurance companies are involved in a ridesharing vehicle accident claim: the ridesharing company's insurer, the rideshare driver's private insurer, and the other driver's insurer. What is the relationship between them all? And how can you recover damages for your injuries?

  • If you were injured as a result of the ridesharing driver's negligence: If the driver has a commercial insurance policy or a personal vehicle insurance policy with a ridesharing clause, the driver's coverage will apply to your injuries. However, the majority of ridesharing drivers do not have these regulations in place. Furthermore, their vehicle insurance policy is likely to have a business usage exemption, which means that damages for injuries sustained while the driver is working for a profit would not be covered.
  • If someone other than the Uber or Lyft driver was at blame for your injury: If someone other than the Uber or Lyft driver was at fault for the collision, you may be able to claim damages from the at-fault driver's insurance provider.
Rideshare Accident Difference from a Regular Car Accident

A ridesharing car collision provides a unique set of conditions. It's not the same as a standard passenger car accident, but it's also not the same as a typical commercial vehicle accident. Drivers for Uber and Lyft generally utilize their automobiles to carry clients who use these internet applications. Drivers for Uber and Lyft are not required to hold a commercial driver's license or to carry commercial auto insurance. The ridesharing business, on the other hand, provides commercial insurance coverage when the driver is on the clock. So, who is financially accountable for any injuries sustained as a result of the accident would depend on your specific circumstances.

Regardless of how the accident occurred, you should report it to Lyft or Uber as soon as possible using their app.

When an accident occurs, it is critical that you get medical treatment if required and make any notes you can regarding the facts of the event. Do not speak with any insurance companies or adjusters since they frequently do not have your best interests in mind. Your best bet is to call an experienced personal injury attorney who has dealt with car accidents involving rideshare services straight away to protect you and fight for your rights.

The Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson has handled numerous rideshare accident claims. These accident claims continue to comprise a significant part of our practice. We are available 24/7; call us at (305) 720-2086 if you have been in a Miami rideshare accident. You may also want to see our car accident page for further information.