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Palmetto Bay Personal Injury

You can be entitled to significant compensation if negligence caused a major injury to you. The responsibility and deterrence concepts that are used by our civil court system and personal injury statutes try to accomplish their objectives. To make our country a safer environment for all of us to live and work, that system has two purposes: it compensates the injured individual and works to prevent risky behavior from happening again. All residents gain from every valid personal injury claim, according to the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson, since it makes our neighborhoods safer for our families. We are appreciative of the opportunity to assist people in their hour of need and to contribute to the deterrent of such sad occurrences.

The statute of limitations is the deadline during which someone who has been unfairly injured to file a lawsuit against the negligent person who brought about their injury. You have four years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the party liable for your injuries in Florida since, in the majority of circumstances, the statute of limitations is four years. There is a very significant risk that you will lose your ability to file a lawsuit forever if you wait more than four years.

An adjuster of one of the insurance companies responsible may get in touch with you if you are hurt as a result of someone else's negligence or wrongdoing. These people may appear genuine and worried, and they could actually feel sorry for you. But be clear: They do not speak for your interests.

Saving the insurance company money is their first priority. Above all else, they want to reduce the amount of responsibility that their client, a negligent and occasionally criminal customer, has put them in. If doing so requires convincing a grieving victim who is also weak to sign a release, then so be it. If they make you a settlement proposal, you can be sure that it is not what they believe to be a fair and reasonable amount to resolve the matter. They want their issue to be resolved quickly.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Palmetto Bay

A skilled personal injury attorney with a proven track record of success and the knowledge and resources to pursue a case through the entire process to trial if that is required to obtain reasonable and fair compensation should be consulted in order to determine if you have a strong personal injury claim.

It is only advisable to pursue a personal injury claim with the assistance of an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the complexities of personal injury law, has the resources pursue your claim, and will vigorously defend your rights. Whether you had a car accident, work-place accident, or sustained any other type of injury, our experienced attorneys will assist you in pursuing fair and complete compensation for all of your damages, injuries, and losses, while also informing you of your legal rights.

We are prepared to begin working on your case as soon as possible if you or a loved one was injured in a terrible accident. Call us at 305-720-2086 right away for a free, private initial consultation.