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Construction Site Accidents at Work

A construction site's crew members' health and safety are very important. An employee's health may be impacted for the rest of their life as a result of a construction accident. After a construction injury, it may be difficult to make ends meet due to the high cost of hospital bills and other expenses. Even severe injuries might prevent some people from making enough money to support themselves. Accidents, negligence, purposeful wrongdoing, or worker irresponsibility are all potential causes of injuries at construction sites.

Although safety inspectors often check sites for potentially hazardous chemicals, grounds, and equipment, inspectors can fail to notice some problems and allow production to continue on a site that poses a risk to the safety of workers. In an effort to increase their profits, some construction businesses are willing to disregard safety precautions. This puts their employees in danger, and the consequence may be serious accident or even death.

Construction site accidents frequently lead to devastating and permanently altering injuries due to the usage of heavy machinery, electricity, heights, and items necessary for the job. These injuries could need years of rehabilitation and medical care, and they might result in lifelong limitations that prohibit you from going back to work or spending time with your loved ones the way you once did. Though it could help with compensation, worker's compensation is frequently insufficient for major injuries.

Employers in Florida are required by law to get workers' compensation insurance to cover employee medical expenses and lost wages in case of workplace incidents. It makes no difference who was at fault for an injury when it comes to receiving workers' compensation benefits for related medical costs and lost income following a Florida construction accident. Regardless of who was at fault for the construction accident, injured workers may bring a claim.

Medical costs associated with injuries sustained in a construction accident and two-thirds of the worker's weekly average income for the time the employee is disabled and unable to work are normally covered by workers compensation benefits, if the employer's insurer authorizes the claim. If a Florida worker is injured at work, workers' compensation insurance covers a crucial financial safety net.

Hire a Construction Site Accident Attorney in Palmetto Bay

You may be eligible to obtain considerable compensation if you get hurt on the job and you work in the construction industry. Many people believe that since they obtain Worker's Compensation or medical coverage benefits, they are ineligible for further financial compensation. This is far from true. But you have to move quickly. Make sure that you obtain the appropriate medical attention as soon as you can and notify all relevant parties of the injury.

You should be compensated for your damages if you or a loved one was severely injured on a Florida construction job. Consult a lawyer at the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson about your case if you were injured on a construction site accident in Palmetto Bay. For a free case evaluation, call 305-720-2086 right away.