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Palmetto Bay Car Accidents

No one is ever is prepared to be involved in an auto accident, yet they occur every day. A car accident may result in your vehicle being damaged, you or your passengers being hurt as a result of the collision, and a difficult insurance claim procedure. Your vehicle can be repaired very easily However, the harm done to your person may not be fully healed until years later. This implies that a car accident may have a significant negative impact on your life and the lives of the people you traveled with, both emotionally and financially.

In the event of a car accident, Florida still applies no-fault rules. That implies that each driver receives payment for their injuries in the event of small accidents from their own insurance provider. There are no lawsuits for little incidents with little damage. Instead, every party receives payment from their individual insurance provider. In a no-fault situation, there often isn't any money awarded for pain and suffering. Up to the limitations of your individual insurance policy's compensation are possible.

The no-fault rule, however, does not apply when an accident leads to significant or permanent injury. A claim for full financial compensation against the at-fault driver may be made by the injured person if the case fulfills the criteria for injuries. The other driver must bear some or all of the fault for the incident that caused the accident in order for the injured person to be successful in their claim.

The victim may seek compensation for monetary losses as well as pain and suffering when a case is not covered by the no-fault rule. The victim succeeds in their claim by making a demand to the insurance provider or by submitting a summons and complaint to the relevant Florida court. All drivers in the state of Florida are also required to have no-fault insurance under Florida Law 627.736.

Palmetto Bay Car Accident Attorneys

Attorney Ruth E. Johnson has built an enormous reputation over the years, which is a testament to their hard work and exceptional success record. Any time of the day, we are ready for assistance and advice. Therefore, you don't need to check your watch before calling us if you have a problem. Since we are located in Palmetto Bay, we have a thorough understanding of all local laws and ordinances. We focus on giving effective legal representation and you can use our expertise to strengthen your case.

Those who have been involved a car accident can seek compensation for their losses and damages by filing a personal injury claim. The injured party is entitled to compensation for any associated medical costs, physical pain, mental suffering, and lost wages. If you were hurt by a negligent driver, contact the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson for a free case evaluation. Our firm's Palmetto Bay’s accident attorneys assist victims in determining liability and hold the at-fault driver responsible for the harm they caused. Get in touch with us immediately if you want to talk about your alternatives and legal rights.