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Back Injury Suffered on the Job

The large number of individuals who suffer back injuries at work each year can be attributed to the way our spines function in general. Because of the intricate anatomy, even little motions have the potential to result in damage and subsequent discomfort. Lifting large objects and twisting to the side may also be dangerous, which is obviously not shocking news. An injury to your back can arise from any action that strains it or adds weight to it.

Employees that perform physical labor as part of their job duties, such as those in the manufacturing, construction, and healthcare sectors, are at risk for incidents and repetitive motion injuries. But people with sedentary employment might also suffer work-related injuries. Consider long-distance truckers, who spend hours upon hours sitting down while doing nothing to exercise their back muscles, only to be required to unload heavy equipment once they reach their destination. Even office employees who sit cross-legged for long periods of time might develop back problems.

You may qualify for workers' compensation benefits if you have an injury at your workplace. An insurance policy called workers' compensation offers medical care and salary compensation to workers who are hurt while doing their job duties. Due to historically occurring employer insolvency brought on by workplace injury claims, workers' compensation protects both the employee and the employer.

You must demonstrate that your suffering is connected to your employment in order to get benefits under workers' compensation. Remember that each case is unique; there is no such thing as a standard compensation for a work-related back injury. If you sustained an injury while doing work-related duties for your company, it is typically regarded as such. The accident may not have happened at your workplace, but it must have happened while you were working.

In a case involving a work-related accident, receiving damages is not limited to workers' compensation benefits. Obtaining compensation for an accident sustained at work is not always as simple as it may appear in today's workplace settings due to complex business arrangements that depend on third parties and contract employees. The law gives persons who do not have access to workers' compensation the right to pursue third-party responsibility claims in order to be compensated for their losses and injuries.

Get Help with Your Workplace Back Injury Claim

Back-pain victims who have been injured can obtain all of the benefits to which they are entitled with the assistance of an expert workers' compensation attorney. The lawyers at the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson have represented injured employees, many of whom need spinal fusion surgery, ruptured disc surgery, and lumbar strain relief due to back pain. A favorable result may often be achieved with the help of a skilled and meticulous legal approach.

You can call us today at 305-720-2086 if you have a back injury from a work-related incident that needs medical care or prevents you from performing your job. You will receive a free first case evaluation from one of our attorneys.