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Miami Shores, Florida

Miami Shores is an in-town village with a small-town feel and a quiet way of life. The municipality, known as "The Village Beautiful," was founded in 1932 and is located just north of Miami on beautiful Biscayne Bay. Residents and visitors can escape the fast-paced South Florida lifestyle by visiting Village-owned facilities such as the Country Club, which offers golf and tennis, the Aquatic Center, which offers swimming, and the Recreation Center, which offers year-round athletic facilities and affordable extracurricular classes.

A starch (coontie) mill, a tomato packing business, a sawmill, a pineapple plantation, and a grapefruit grove all existed in the early 1900s in the area that is now known as Miami Shores Village. These were some of the early pioneers' businesses, and with the arrival of the railroad and its stop at Biscayne Station, they were able to survive off the land. Major Hugh Gordon and T.V. Moore are two of the most successful planters. The Gordon Tract surrounded the harbor, while T.V. Moore held the land in what is now the commercial district. T.V. Moore's property holdings were acquired by Lee T. Cooper in 1922, who had made his fortune from a patent drug known as Tanlac.

There are 11 parks in Miami Shores. The Arch Creek Park is particularly notable since it is home to the Arch Creek Natural Bridge, a natural rock structure that serves as a bridge. Miami Shores is a tranquil neighborhood with a variety of recreational possibilities. It offers a fantastic golf course as well as facilities for tennis, soccer, baseball, and other sports.

Brockway Memorial Library was established in 1949 and is located in Brockway, Massachusetts. While most of the libraries in Miami-Dade County have been taken over by the countywide Miami-Dade Public Library System throughout the years, the Miami Shores public library has stayed autonomous. Because of the generosity of George A. Brockway, an entrepreneur and part-time resident in South Florida, who provided the cash to create the library, it first opened in February 1949. Bessemer Properties, under the direction of Roy H. Hawkins, donated the site on which the library was located. The major cultural and educational core of Miami Shores is this library.

A multimedia room holding electronic books, specific rooms for movies and audiobooks, reference materials, a computer center, and the Miami Shores Archives were added to the library in 2002 after funds were donated. The Miami Shores Archives is a unique repository of history from the Miami Shores community. The timetable for the library may be seen on their website.

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