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Kendall Workers' Compensation

Nearly any job can result in a workplace mishap, although some fields, like construction, are more hazardous than others for employees. Employees are entitled to benefits for a wide range of work-related illnesses and injuries; such as traumatic brain injuries brought on by trauma, knee, shoulder, and joint injuries, neurological symptoms, symptoms brought on by repetitive trauma or stress, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and mental disorders.

Many people who suffer an injury at work may have to worry about expensive medical expenses as well as lost time at work. Injured employees may be eligible for a variety of benefits that lessen the burden of these expenses and losses. You could be eligible for death benefits, which cover burial costs, two-thirds of the decedent's average weekly income, and even education costs for a surviving spouse, if your spouse or parent passed away in a work-related accident.

In Florida, you must notify your employer of an injury within 30 days of the incident or when you first become aware of it. According to Florida Statutes 440.185, your employer and their insurance provider may reject your claim if you fail to disclose a work-related injury within 30 days. You may also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against a third party who is not your employer if your accident happened on a construction site or as a result of someone else's negligence, such as a crane operator, subcontractor, contractor, manufacturer, or supplier.

If you were injured at work, you are most likely eligible for workers' compensation benefits such as loss wages and medical treatment. These benefits are vital in helping Florida employees who have been hurt financially as they recover. Unfortunately, it is not always simple to get the full and fair payments you are entitled to under workers' compensation. You must avoid making any errors when filing your claim in order to assist guarantee that it will be handled efficiently. Our skilled Kendall workers’ compensation attorney will discuss the procedures for submitting a workers' compensation claim in Florida to assist you in getting started.

Our Kendall workers' compensation attorney can assist you in overcoming problems like: doubts about whether your symptoms or injury were caused by your job, allegations that you have a pre-existing condition and are thus not entitled to benefits, force to return to work before you're ready, concerns about the amount of loss wages benefits you deserve

Workers' Compensation Representation in Kendall

A work-related injury might be especially upsetting. After all, you're there to make a living, and many injuries might result in a permanent absence from work. To fight for the maximum amount of workers' compensation benefits you are entitled to, get in touch with our Kendall law office right now. Our attorney at the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson is here to assist you. Call a Kendall workers' compensation attorney at 305-720-2086 if you were injured at work to get started right now. There is no cost to call, and by doing so carries no risk.