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Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

Accidents at work that result in slip and fall accidents are among the most frequent, and they may happen anywhere. If you slip and fall on the job in Florida and are injured, it's possible that workers' compensation will be your only means of financial recovery, regardless of whether you're a teacher, nurse, or construction worker. Despite the fact that many slip-and-fall incidents at work just end in bruised egos, they can sometimes cause serious or even fatal injuries.

However, filing a worker's compensation claim can be difficult, especially if you are already healing from injuries. In Florida, workers' compensation is considered as the sole option for the majority of work-related accidents, making it the only legal action a victim of an employer may pursue. As long as an employee was injured while doing their job duties, there is no need for them to demonstrate negligence, and as a result, the employer is responsible for paying for the employee's medical expenses and some missed earnings while they are recovering.

Florida is a "no-fault" state, which means that for worker's compensation cases, fault is removed from the picture and negligence is not required to be proven. This indicates that an employee will still be eligible for benefits even if the employer is not responsible for the accident, assuming that certain requirements are met.

You had to be at work when the injury happened. Your chances of succeeding in a slip and fall lawsuit significantly decrease if you were there during an unscheduled break or lunch when the accident occurred. Lastly, you must confirm that you complied with all corporate rules regarding behavior at the time of the workplace accident.

However, if you submit a worker's compensation claim, you will almost certainly waive your right to file a claim for personal injury against your employer, which would include benefits such as suffering and pain and emotional distress. Our South Florida slip-and-fall accident lawyers would be more focused with the potential liability of a third-party landlord or other liable parties because Florida workers' compensation laws make it almost impossible to prove a personal injury case against your own employer. This is a person who isn't your immediate supervisor.

A Kendall Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help You File your Claim

There's a good chance you qualify for workers' compensation benefits if you slipped at work and got hurt. Your medical expenses, a percentage of your lost income, and any future limitations and challenges you may experience are all expenses that you might be able to recover compensation for.

You could have sustained a significant injury in a slip-and-fall accident in Florida, making it unlikely that you will ever be able to work again. It is crucial that you speak with a skilled Florida slip and fall lawyer from the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson at this time, and the sooner you do so, the better. Don't wait in the hopes that your injuries will heal or that the insurance company would compensate you fairly for them. Call us at 305-720-2086 right away to schedule a free initial consultation.