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Brain Injuries Suffered on the Job

An abrupt external force impact causes traumatic brain injury (TBI). A serious brain injury has the ability to change a person's life since it can cause short- or long-term damage or even death. The possibility that a TBI victim would never fully recover makes TBIs particularly concerning. An injury of this kind might be received through a slip and fall incident just as readily as it could be received during an injury at work or in a vehicle accident.

It might be challenging to prove a brain injury complaint. Brain injuries can be challenging to recognize in many cases, and medical professionals sometimes neglect or incorrectly diagnose these injuries. In many instances, the party at-fault and large insurance carriers may deny that the victim has sustain a traumatic brain injury, and even if they do make a settlement offer, they often try to avoid paying the full amount of the claim.

You should always seek medical attention after an accident, no matter where or how it happened. The fact that a TBI is so frequently disregarded by you and other people is potentially quite alarming. You could not instantly show any signs of a TBI, which is something else to take into account. With time, symptoms can begin to appear. Because of this, you must visit a doctor soon after your incident. You would likely also require a visit to a worker's compensation doctor if the accident happened at work.

TBIs can change who you are and have a long-term influence on your future. Workers who have been injured due to a TBI generally get a variety of medical treatments. Obtaining workers' compensation is frequently a vital aspect of ensuring a good recovery, since these disability payments can assist to pay for the medical expenses involved with a traumatic brain injury. In certain circumstances, the TBI at work involves a third person who is also responsible for the accident.

Many times, third-party claims are complicated. The term "third party claim" refers to a case brought against a party other than your employer whose negligence may have contributed to your work-related accident.  The injured victim can pursue compensation from both the third party who caused or assisted in the injury as well as the employer's insurance provider.

How We Could Help If You Suffered a Brain Injury

Attorney Ruth E. Johnson can offer advice at this difficult moment since she has the knowledge and commitment needed for good results. Despite the fact that a catastrophic brain injury attorney cannot make your injury go away, we can assist you to make sure you have accessibility to the finest care possible.

You may be eligible to compensation for your losses if you or a loved one is suffering with a brain injury brought on by someone else's negligence. Because they are so complex, cases involving brain injuries are best handled by knowledgeable Kendall brain injury lawyer. For a free case evaluation with an expert of our legal team, call us right away at 305-720-2086.