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Back Injury Suffered on the Job

Florida has a higher rate of back injuries at work than most people are aware of. Work absence, workers' compensation claims, and decreased productivity are frequently brought on by back pain. Back injuries are quite likely to occur in any sort of employment setting. Anyone may get hurt, whether it's from a minor twist or bend in an office area or a lifting accident in a warehouse. The majority of back pain is brought on by bad work habits, heavy machinery, and a lack of physical condition.

You most likely had back discomfort when you were an adult. One of the causes is that the back, which is formed of muscles, ligaments, and bones, is a complicated and sensitive structure. Back pain is caused by the interactions between these anatomical components. Your back is as vulnerable as it is essential to your overall health.

Chronic back pain is back discomfort that persists for longer than three months. Chronic back pain can make it necessary for you to miss work more frequently, make it difficult for you to carry out daily tasks, impair the quality of your sleep, and reduce your capacity to take part in physical exercise. In addition to experiencing pain, people with back problems may need to have spine surgery and may need to take weeks or months out of work to fully recover, depending on the diagnosis.

Financial, emotional, and physical problems are common when a person sustains a back injury at work. Benefits from workers' compensation might ease some of this stress, but you frequently only receive a small portion over time. Your pre-injury wages are only partially covered by the workers' compensation payout rate. This procedure may go on indefinitely depending on the worker's back injuries and limitations brought on by their injuries.

If you submitted workers' compensation claim, you may be concerned about the possibility of losing your job as a result of filing a claim. Employees cannot be fired by their employers for just submitting a workers' compensation claim. Nevertheless, even if your claim is still pending, your employer may terminate you. However, the employer must be able to demonstrate that the cause they terminated you had nothing to do with the fact that you filed the claim.

Kendall Workers’ Compensation Skilled Attorney

You should receive immediate compensation if you were hurt at work accidentally. These accidents have a profound impact on one's physical, mental, and economic condition and can entirely change one's life. Fighting the pending hospital bills and missing pay while recovering can occasionally feel like an enormous challenge. We comprehend the complicated world of insurance firms and employers that are unwilling to be fair to workers who are entitled to benefits. So that you can concentrate on recovering and getting your life back, let the best workers' compensation attorneys advocate for you.

If you or a loved one are unable to return to work as a result of a back injury suffered on the job, you can contact the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson for a free initial case evaluation. We work on a contingency basis, we don’t get paid unless we win. Call now at 305-720-2086.