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Homestead Personal Injury

Personal injury laws give legal options for incident and injury individuals who suffer bodily harm as a result of the negligence of others. A negligent, thoughtless, reckless, or even malicious conduct may give rise to a personal injury claim or litigation. According to general negligence principles, we have an obligation of care to others. If an individual, company, or group of people violates their duty of care, they are considered negligent. Intention is not required for negligence. The harmful behavior just has to be below the amount of care that a reasonable person would apply in similar circumstances. The nature and scope of the responsibility due are determined by the circumstances.

Filing a personal injury claim or requesting reimbursement from an insurance company requires a collaborative effort. We deal with the courts, insurance companies, negligent parties, and other parties, but you too have a role to play. We always ask our clients to be open and honest about how the accident occurred, provide us with any documentation that we ask for because it will be crucial for the case, make sure they provide us with what we need within a reasonable time, and to not discuss the case or injuries with anyone and specifically to not post them on social media.

The statute of limitations, or time limitations, for launching a personal injury case in Homestead – or anyplace in Florida or throughout the country – may vary depending on where you file, what type of claim you file, and who you file against. In Florida, many personal injury claimants have four years to pursue a lawsuit. Some people only have two years. Many cruise ship lawsuits involving passengers require suit within one year of the occurrence and notice of the claim with complete particulars must be provided within six months of the incidence.

Because each case is unique, a careful examination of all facts is required. Each case's findings differ from one another. How much compensation your case is worth is determined by a number of factors that our law office knows and can explain. Our attorneys will examine the accident facts, legal responsibility, available coverage, relevant laws, and other supporting details.

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It's difficult to live with an injury. It should not be difficult to choose the top Homestead personal injury attorney for your case. Whether you had a car accident, work-place accident, or sustained any other type of injury, our knowledgeable lawyers will help you pursue a fair and full compensation for all your damages, injuries, and losses while advising you of your legal rights.

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