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Homestead, Florida

Homestead is the name of the city in Miami Dade County, which is located between the Biscayne National Park and the Everglades National Park to the west. Homestead is considered a suburb of Miami and is in the southern area of the county. Homestead is also a significant agricultural area of the region.

In 1913 Homestead was incorporated as the second city in Miami-Dade County. The name Homestead finds its roots in the period when the Florida East Coast Railway’s extension to Key West was under construction. The area was the construction camp near the end of the line and did not have a designated name. The engineers named the area Homestead as it was where construction materials and supplies for the workers were consigned to.

The population was close to 53,000 according to the census conducted in 2006 and it continues to be a small city both in geography and population. As a result of the real estate expansion in the middle of the last decade, several new homes and housing developments were constructed in Homestead, causing an increase in population.

Hurricanes are a hazard to the area, and despite its distance from the coast, Homestead has been hit by hurricanes in the past. In 1992, Homestead was badly hit by Hurricane Andrew, which was a category 5 hurricane. This devastation won the area's national attention. In 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma passed close by but did not immediately hit Homestead.

The city's economy is centered on tourism and agriculture, with winter vegetables, tropical fruits, and decorative plants serving as the major crops. Miami-Dade Community College has a campus in the city. Biscayne National Park, which is rich in marine life, is visible from Homestead Bayfront Park. Homestead is home to the unique Coral Castle, which was hand-carved from coral rock by a single man. More than 500 different exotic fruits, nuts, and spices may be found in the Fruit and Spice Park.

Homestead was mostly made up of pine trees and palmetto scrubs before Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway arrived in 1904. The FEC platted the townsite and began selling lots soon after, and nature gave way to a tiny frontier town that sprang up around the railroad with an agricultural-based economy derived from the neighboring farms.

Homestead became a town in 1913, and it is now the second-oldest municipality in Miami-Dade County, after Miami (Florida City, incorporated in 1914, is the third oldest). On August 24, 1992, Hurricane Andrew caused damage to the city. Homestead's downtown area was awarded a Florida Main Street Community the next year when the city was still recovering.

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