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Florida City, Miami Dade County , Florida

Florida City is the city in Miami-Dade County, located at the southernmost point in the South Florida Metropolitan area. As of the last available Census report, the population was estimated at almost 9000.

Florida City is a suburb of the Miami metropolitan area and is also a major agricultural area in the county. In 1992, this area was badly hit by Hurricane Andrew, which caused significant damage.

The first families to live in Florida City arrived in 1910, when the area was known as “Detroit”. In 1914, the area incorporated and was named “Florida City.”

Florida City is the most southern city in the United States that is not located on an island and it is the last stop prior to entering the Florida Keys. The city is comprised of approximately eight (8) square kilometers of land space.

Florida City is on top of a limestone ridge known as the Miami Rock Ridge. Before the first settlers arrived, the ridge was covered by Dade County Pines, which were destroyed to prepare the land for farming. The farming is what drove the economy of this area in the early 1900s.

The Miami Dade Correctional Facility and the Homestead Correctional Institution are located close to Florida City.

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