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How Much is My Case Worth?

This really depends on the nature and severity of the accident, and whether or not the injury is due to the negligence of another party or occurred during the course and scope of employment (workers' compensation). A plaintiff may be able to recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses future medical expenses, lost profits, future profits and pain and suffering.

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What Should I Do if I Meet in an Auto Accident?

Immediately seek medical attention of your injuries. Obtain as much information from the other driver(s) as possible, including their name, address, phone number, insurance company, policy number, drivers license and license plate. Be sure to insist that a report is completed by a law enforcement officer and get a copy. You can also take pictures of the damage to all vehicles. Also get the contact information of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. Speak to no one about the incident or your injuries other than the doctors, the police and your attorney.

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When Should I Contact a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident or Injury?

This depends on how and where the injury occurred. Every State has its own statute of limitations which dictates how long the plaintiff has to file different types of law suits. In Florida, the statute of limitations for a negligence claim is typically four years, with the exception of medical malpractice which is two years from the date of injury or the date the person should have known of the injury.

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Under the Workers' Compensation Laws in Florida, How Long Do I Have After an Accident to Report It to My Employer?

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job, first seek medical attention of those injuries. The next step should be to report those injuries to your employer. If you fail to report your injury to your employer within thirty (30) days, then your claim may be denied.

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Who is Responsible if I Slip or Trip and Fall on Someone Else’s Property?

A property owner is not always responsible for something on which you slip or trip. This must be analyzed on a case by case basis depending on the cause of the dangerous surface and a careful evaluation of the owner’s knowledge of the hazard and failure to address. This is usually an in depth legal analysis of the “reasonable care of the property” as defined by current law in order to determine negligence.

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