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Burn Injuries Suffered on the Job

One of the most severe and devastating injuries one might sustain in a violent car accident, workplace accident, or other terrible catastrophe are burn injuries. Regardless of the source of the injury, burns frequently demand invasive and time-consuming treatments. Surgery, skin grafts, and recovery might all take months or even years. Burn injuries can result in physical damage that may never fully heal. Due to the significant damage that burns do to human tissue and nerves, deformity and amputation are not uncommon.

The danger of burn injuries at work is higher for those who operate near open flames or hot tools, machines, or equipment. These workers include cooks, laborers, mechanics, welders, and other people who operate in the food industry. Young people working in restaurants commonly get burn injuries. Due to their inexperience and the stress to "keep up" during busy times, youths who work as cooks in particular run the danger of suffering burn injuries in the job.

According on how severely your skin has been injured, burn injuries might fall into one of four categories. First-degree burns are the least dangerous, only affecting the top layer of skin, and may also include edema and redness. Second-degree burns are more severe since both the dermis and the epidermis have been damaged, which can lead to blistering, inflammation, and scarring. Burns in the third degree are the most severe; they totally destroy the two outer layers of skin, along with the nerve endings. The deepest and most deadly sort of burns, 4th-degree burns damage all layers of skin, as well as bones, muscles, tendons, and even internal organs.

Both you and your family's lives may be drastically changed by a major burn injury. An extensive and painful healing period requiring several skin transplant procedures and/or plastic surgery may be necessary after a severe burn injury that results in deformation. You don't need to be distracted by the difficulties of a workers' compensation claim, an experienced Cutler Bay attorney can take that load off your shoulders.

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At the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson, we are conscious of the tremendous harm that a burn injury can bring to a person and the potential for a prolonged and difficult path to recovery. We also recognize that for some burn victims, a proper burn injury claim may be their only means of paying for the medical care they require to recover. Due to these factors, our Florida lawyers are still dedicated about assisting burn victims hold the irresponsible parties who caused them financial, ethical, and moral harm accountable for their acts.

The Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson will assist you whether you were burnt as a result of a workplace accident, a car accident, or for any other cause. Our knowledgeable and experienced legal staff has the tools required to determinedly pursue the highest possible monetary settlement for you. You can give us a call us today at 305-720-2086 for your initial free consultation to speak with an experienced Cutler Bay attorney.