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Back Injury Suffered on the Job

Back injuries are among the most prevalent and typically the most severe work-related injuries covered under Florida Workers’ Compensation that one might suffer. Simple sprains, swollen disks, strained disks, and even potentially fatal fractures are all types of back injuries that can range in severity.

Back injuries can cause excruciating pain that can last for months or years. Back injuries can occasionally only be treated surgically. A serious back injury frequently makes it impossible for a person to resume their pre-injury line of employment. The construction, gardening, and manufacturing industries are particularly prone to these incidents.

Surgery is not usually necessary to address most back injuries. Physical therapy and considerable medical care could be necessary, nevertheless. When the spinal cord is compressed by a protruding disc or vertebra, back injuries can result in nerve damage.

If your employer has taken steps to modify your employment function to accommodate your injuries but the nature of your occupation has changed considerably, you may be eligible for benefits. Keep in mind that you must be unable to perform essential work duties due to your discomfort in order to qualify for compensation. To determine if you may return to your regular employment based on medical information, the insurance company will assess a written explanation of your position. If you are unable to, they may decide that you should be categorized as disabled.

You might be eligible to request a one-time settlement for the back injuries you sustained rather than continuing to collect workers' compensation payments each week. But based on their particular needs and the needs of their loved ones, each person must assess the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy.

It's doubtful that an insurance will make you their top offer right away. They determine a first offer for you based on an established benchmark that shows what a common settlement is for certain injuries. However, they might not take other factors into account, such as your age, your financial status, or your potential future treatment needs.

Before requesting or accepting a workers' compensation payment, keep these things in mind. Contacting a lawyer right soon is an excellent method to guarantee you earn the most amount possible, based on your injuries, your need for medical treatment, and your family's situation.

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