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Auto Accidents While at Work

The business commercial vehicle insurance plan provides compensation to the injured parties and their relatives in these incidents. Car accidents at work happen more frequently than you may imagine. However, accidents involving business cars, no matter how small or severe, are complex and can add further stress to the already difficult process of making a personal injury claim following an auto accident. The employer is liable depending on the circumstances.

If an employee was driving while engaged in work-related activities at the moment of incident, the company is frequently liable. The "going and coming" rule, however, protects employers from responsibility for incidents that take place when their workers are not working for pay. This covers lunch breaks as well as travel times. There are, however, certain exceptions. This is why it's crucial to discuss your particular circumstances with a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer.

It may not concern you who covers for your losses if you are an insured motorist. Each motorist is entitled to submit a claim to their own insurance provider under the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law in order to collect their damages following an accident. Your insurance provider will be granted subrogation privileges against the responsible party if it pays for your expenses. If your insurance coverage covers your damages, it will be decided by the insurance company who will pay without a lot of your input.

Employers may be held accountable for an employee's negligent or reckless actions that cause someone else harm under the theory of "vicarious liability," a personal injury culpability concept. No matter who the employer is, a private person, a company, or a government organization, this is true. This law of employer responsibility for an employee's negligence holds true whether the injured party is a pedestrian, a driver of another vehicle, a passenger in the employee's personal vehicle used while on the employment, or a passenger in the employer's vehicle traveling with the employee.

If a worker is traveling in a car with corporate branding or is wearing official company attire, it is simple to recognize them. Nevertheless, if the employee was operating outside the scope and activity of their work, vicarious liability would not be applicable. If an employee was on their way to or from work or out having fun, which was a significant deviation from their normal duties and done for their own gain, vicarious liability does not apply.

Legal Help from an Auto Accident Attorney

There is a ton of documentation, deadlines, and other administrative issues involved with every Florida workers’ compensation case. Unexpected car claims at work may come with additional challenges. In addition to seeking workers' compensation, you could also be entitled to file a civil action against the driver of a different car or any individual who was responsible for your accident.

Call Attorney Ruth E. Johnson, a workers' compensation lawyer in Cutler Bay, at 305-720-2086 to find out more about your legal rights and choices following a workplace car accident. We will examine your situation and work with you to develop a strategy for pursuing the compensation you are entitled. The initial consultation is complete FREE, call today.