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Construction Site Accidents at Work

After a construction accident in Homestead, an employee can typically turn to workers' compensation as their first source of monetary compensation. These benefits are given out through a no-fault system, which in practice should be quick and simple, if you were hurt at work, you are entitled to benefits. Unfortunately, often times it is not that simple.

Construction sites are among the riskiest places to work. When work is done in ditches, at great heights, near to a busy highway, with toxic materials, dangerous chemicals, and live power, the likelihood of a construction accident in Florida is doubled.

Florida Statute 440.02 states that all accidental illnesses and workplace injuries that occur during the course and duration of employment are covered under Florida's workers' compensation law. That also applies to illnesses or infections brought on by such injuries. Even if you are unsure as to whether your injury or illness is covered, you must complete a First Report of Injury within seven days of becoming aware about the condition.

You will get medical benefits and salary loss benefits if the claim is approved by your employer and their insurance provider Depending on your circumstances, you can potentially be eligible for occupational benefits. It should be noted that the wage loss compensation will include any future wages you would have obtained had the injury not resulted in an impairment that prevents you from working. An accident at work should not affect your level of financial stability.

Finding out who is accountable for causing someone's injury when they sustain it on a construction site is the most crucial thing, we as attorneys must undertake. When our client suffers a construction site injury, we cannot presume that it was the fault of a single individual or business. A building project typically includes a large number of distinct businesses or contractors. The situation that led to our client's injuries was created by each and every one of them, thus they are all accountable in some way. It also implies that each of those businesses or contractors has insurance that they may use to cover the damages that the employee has incurred.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Regarding Your Homestead Construction Accident

Some of the most serious personal injuries result from Florida construction accidents. In order to cover their costs and get back to their lives, the victims of those terrible accidents require compensation. The skilled Homestead construction accident attorneys at the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson have the knowledge, experience, and materials needed to look into even the most complex accidents involving construction and to fight for victims' rights to compensation against even the most well-resourced and powerful businesses.

We accept workers' compensation claims on a contingency fee basis, including claims involving construction accidents. Only the money we successfully collect for our clients is used to pay our legal fees. Do not wait to get the legal assistance you need to get the compensation you are entitled to if you or a loved one was hurt in a Florida construction accident. For a free consultation to discuss your rights under the law and how our experts can assist, contact us right now at 305-720-2086.