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Brain Injuries Suffered on the Job

The experience of having a brain trauma is serious and undesirable. Migraine headaches and other incapacitating symptoms can be brought on by brain injury. Loss of certain physical abilities, loss of long or short-term memory, loss of verbal abilities or electric motor skills, as well as paralysis, are all possible outcomes of permanent brain trauma.

When you sustain a head injury or brain damage at work, it has a significant influence on not just how well you perform at work but also on how you live your life. You might have to relearn routine daily activities including eating, drinking, walking, maintaining basic hygiene, reading, and many other things. If you suffered a severe brain damage, you would definitely have to overcome a lot of obstacles. Understandably, all of this recuperation and therapy might cost you several hundred thousand dollars, severely harming your family's finances.

Any harm to your skull, scalp, or brain is a head injury. Minor head knocks to catastrophic brain damage might result from these injuries (TBI). An injury to the head might either be internal or external. These injuries fall into two kinds: open and closed head traumas.

The skull does not open as a result of a closed head injury. On the other hand, an open head injury causes your skull and scalp to split apart. Your brain may potentially be affected by the damage. As a result, penetrating head injuries are frequently used to describe open head traumas.

One who suffers from a brain injury may be unable to work or carry out basic tasks due to the severe cognitive and physical effects. One may therefore be eligible for compensation. A person may be able to sue the responsible party if they suffered a TBI as a result of someone else's negligence or that of their employer. The family may submit a claim or lawsuit on the injured person's behalf if they pass away or lose the ability to decide for themselves.

The value of the injury claim may be diminished by a delay in treatment that makes it difficult to establish the source of the brain damage. If there is a large delay, it could be challenging to file a lawsuit. Florida has a four-year statute of limitations from the incident date for bringing claims for negligence.

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